November 9, 2022 – Revolution Championships and Celebrity Championships are excited to announce a business cooperative with Glitterstarz, Inc.

“Everyone gets celebrity treatment at our events. That’s our aspiration, to make anyone who experiences our events in any form know that they are valued; they’re influential. They matter.” said Heidi Weber. “Uniting with GlitterStarz to create this environment for those who attend events is an honor because we’re working towards the same end goal. Better experiences resulting in the advancement of our industry.”

All programs, no matter the size or longevity in the industry, will be able to draw from the benefits of this collaboration. From mentorship on both coach and athlete levels to the sharing of knowledge regarding rules and industry policies and procedures, there will be a multitude of opportunities offered. Athlete and parent experiences are also at the forefront of the strategic plan, from special awards to travel benefits.

“If you follow what GlitterStarz is up to, you know that this season, we are focused on fostering a feeling of star status for all of our clients.” said GlitterStarz Founder Liz Scumaci. “This partnership is the icing on the cake to make all cheer and dance consumers, in whatever capacity – feel like the VIPs that they are.”

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About Celebrity Championships and Revolution Championships

Celebrity Championships and Revolution Championships all offer unique, memorable cheer & dance competition experiences with a revolutionary eye for industry change. We produce events with high production, great locations with family-style activities, exceptional customer service, consistent judging, customer service-oriented staff, senior scholarships and incredible participant gifts and awards; and we ALWAYS seek to anticipate the needs of our customers.

About GlitterStarz, Inc.

Founded in 2006 by Liz Scumaci, GlitterStarz is known for their intricate and beautiful designs and high quality materials. With a goal to ‘make the world sparkle… one athlete at a time,’ GlitterStarz designs and manufactures uniforms, warmups, practice wear, accessories and apparel for the cheer and dance industry and is well-known for their incredible rhinestone designs and affordable prices.